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Abrazo Wine,Liquor Stainless Steel Pourers, Bottle Pourer Best for Pouring Wine, Spirits, Syrup and Olive Oil (Set of 3 Pieces)

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Product characteristics: Overseas 3 pcs pack stainless steel classic liquor bottle speed pourers with tapered spout About the product: These popular pourers are applied worldwide by professionals and commercial bars. Can be applied for a medium or high speed pours.Fits most liquor and wine bottles, and oil bottles. Make pouring olive oil on salads, pouring shots and measures for drinks mixes easier with this simple to fit pouring spout. Simply plug the top of the bottle with the pour spout and the rubber bung will fit securely allowing you to pour with more accuracy. Size 11.2 x 2.2 x 2 Centimeters.

  • Bottle stopper set of 3 pcs
  • Tapered liquor pourer spout features a natural cork stopper to ensuring a secure fit
  • Liquor pourer with cork stopper is perfect for liquor bottles with wider diameter necks like patron tequila bottles
  • Flexible, tapered rubber base seals any wine bottle. - metal part sits flat on table
  • Stylish stopper features a blank specially made for fused or stained glass
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