Bar set for car

5 Top Bar Set for Car and Road Trips

Alcohol is one of the most important ingredients of any road trip or car-o-bar worth its salt. Which makes it even more essential to find a way to safely store all the alcohol as well as glasses, openers and other essentials. Abrazo has a lovely collection of portable bar boxes for this very purpose. Starting with compact value for money options going all the way to gigantic options with enough storage for a Punjabi wedding.

1) Abrazo Bar Set for Car Open Flap Design (Black)


bar set for car


Contents: 9 Bar Ware Essentials

Glasses: 4

Bottle storage: 4

Other Accessories: Peg Measure, Ice Bucket and Tongs, Cocktail Shaker

Price (last updated): Rs 5,999.00

This bestseller is loved by folks across the country. It features highly durable and extremely safe exterior made of MDF to keep all the glasses and bottles safe. It opens easily no matter where you have stopped. All the bottles can be neatly stored in the back. There is a strong handle at the top so you always know which side is up and never risk your bottles spilling. Even though tis a little bit pricey, this is our choice for the best bar set for car.

2) Bar Box Portable Bartending Bag

Mini bar set for Car 1

Contents: 25 Piece Cocktail Set

Bottle storage: None

Glasses: None

Price (last updated): Rs 3,999.00

Yes we know, there is no bottle storage in this one. But just look at the beautiful design. It is extremely beautiful and very handy if you are planning to make cocktails as you are travelling. It contains a cocktail shaker, lemon squeezer, a slot for ice bag, wood mallet, julep strainer among many other accessories.

3) Black Butterfly Bar Accessories Set


best bar accessories gifts


Contents: 7 Bar Ware Essentials

Glasses: 3

Bottle Storage: 1

Price (last updated): Rs 1,999.00

A compact Bar Essentials set at a much better pricing to help you travel and party in style. Suitable for up to 3 people who are looking to drink in the hills or anywhere else. Compact, value for money and hence this is our 3rd best pick.

4) Kreative March Portable Bar Set


portable bar box set for travel


Contents: 11 Piece Bar Essentials

Glasses: 4

Bottle Storage: 4 + 1 half

Price (last updated): Rs 6,999.00

Another open flap box design which features an ice bucket, storage for upto 5 bottles (4 full + 1 half). This is also our favourite if not for the expensive price tag. Plus, we love the blue colour. It is a new product on Amazon India so we are not sure of the quality yet, which is why it features fourth on this list.

5) Bar Box Open Flap 10 Piece Bar Kit

mini bar set for car

Contents: 10 Piece Bar Essentials

Glasses: 4

Bottle storage: Up to 2

Price (last updated): Rs 9,750.0

If we were awarding this list based on looks alone, then this would be the clear winner. The beautiful suede inlays along with the brown leather straps makes for a beautiful looking bar box that you would just love to show off in front of your friends. Also it has pretty neat storage for the bottles and glasses making this a really thorough and thoughtful design. The price tag is quite quite high though.

So there you have it. Our top choices for the best bar boxes on offer especially for travelling in your car.